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Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Good evening, everybody!

Some of you may have already checked out my Twitter & Instagram pages - thanks to all who have followed me and supported my journey into producing this website.

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about the work I will be keeping on here:

I recently decided to make a blog out of what I love doing the most. This website is therefore a culmination of two things I enjoy: meeting new people and asking them questions - and I'm really enjoying running it!

This has allowed me to really make the most out of my passion while (hopefully) providing a source of entertainment for my readers!

In the upcoming days, weeks and months, I will be interviewing #famous people. Authors. TV Stars. Sportspeople. Plus many more!

These will be in in a big, easy-to-read text. If my blog really takes off, I will also be creating a Q&A video with the questions for those of you who prefer to view it that way. I hope you enjoy my upcoming work.

Become a member of the blog now! It's completely free and allows your visits to the website to feel more personalised to you.

I am always looking for ways to improve the site so if you have any suggestions please get in touch with me via the 'Contact' page. I want to hear what you most and least like about the site, and your suggestions! You can also visit my #Twitter page here plus my #Instagram page here. Alternatively, you can drop a comment at the very end of each page where it will be publicly available after you publish it :)

Take care, guys! :)

Ashwin Gohil

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