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Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Mr Beezy has been an international motivational speaker since graduating from Coventry University in 2008. He has a BA degree in Media Production. He has spent the last 6 years travelling the UK and worldwide, motivating both students and teachers to achieve success. In addition to this, Mr Beezy has a YouTube channel which has over 500 subscribers, premiering ways to stay motivated and anecdotes which he uses at events. Mr Beezy also has several signature quotes to help him obtain the attention of the audience, such as "Wake Up For The Shake Up, Baby", "Here to Motivate and Inspire you to Greatness" and his personal favourite, "No Grind No Glory (So LET'S GET GRINDING!)"

Hi, Mr Beezy. Can you tell me a bit more about your personal motto, 'No Grind No Glory?'

'No Grind No Glory' simply means don't expect to be successful without working extremely hard for it. In today's world people want `the results without putting in the work. So, it's just a reminder for people to let them know they need to work hard for what they want.

Would you class yourself as the conventional motivational speaker?

No, I'm not your conventional motivational speaker. I didn't want to even be a speaker initially. I don't look or speak like the conventional motivational speaker as well, which I love.

Where do you speak?

I speak mainly within the education sector, so schools, colleges universities etc. I want to branch into the corporate and sporting industries.

What is the most rewarding thing about public speaking, in your opinion?

The impact it has on people. I've heard some deep things in my time as a speaker, but seeing people find hope/belief again, understanding their purpose, finding reasons to succeed and be happy, for me, is very fulfilling. So basically just seeing it change people's lives positively is what I find rewarding.

What challenges did you prior to becoming a speaker?

I had a tough upbringing; my family struggled financially; I failed my GCSEs and I honestly thought I would be a failure for a long time as I never used to succeed at anything.

What is your typical routine the night before you are due to speak?

I relax; I like to keep a clear head. I'll do research if I need to and just go over what I'll be covering the following day.

What is your favourite country you've visited and why?

America (Las Vegas). It's a beautiful city and I did stuff I haven't done before like go to the mountain range and go on a helicopter tour of the Las Vegas Strip. I also stayed in a 5 star hotel for the first time in my life.

Do you support any sports teams?

I'm a Chelsea fan.

Many thanks, Mr Beezy! I don't quite approve of you supporting Chelsea but, apart from that, it was a great Q&A session!

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