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Nathan Paull is a midfielder, who plays for A-League side, Cairns FC. He joined the club in May 2016, after leaving Southside Cornets FC. Nathan takes huge pride in representing the club, and he tells me all about his attributes, his football experiences and his hopes for the future.

Hi, Nathan. It is an honour interviewing a sports star! First of all, what position do you play?

I play as a central midfielder.

You are part of Cairns FC. What makes life at the club so special?

Cairns is a small based city and our stadium is one of the biggest in the region and the facilities are top class. Most of all what makes cairns unique is the family inspired environment around the club, everyone is supported and loved form the groundsmen, chefs, volunteer workers to the coaches, players and owners of the club. We are one big family!

What clubs have you played at before?

I have previously played local youth football in Australia for Southside Comets FC. I then got scouted to play college soccer in the USA for Finger Lakes College in New York. After my college career I'm now back home in Australia playing for Cairns FC in the National Premier League.

What drives you to go to training every day?

Hard to say exactly! I’d say about two and a half years - a little over a year to produce the first draft, and then another year and a half of editing and polishing to get it into shape.

What’s your best attribute?

My best attribute would definitely have to be my work ethic. Without it I wouldn't be where I am today.

When you’re having a tough game, what do you tell yourself?

If I'm ever having a tough game, I always try to visualise and tell myself to be positive in every situation. There's no point in sulking and being negative. I always go in with the mentality that it will be my last ever game, and I naturally go to to the pitch giving it everything I've got. This way, if we end up having a tough game, I actively look to see what I can learn from the game and I can leave the field without any regrets knowing I gave it my all.

What’s been your favourite game so far?

My favourite game of the season would have to be our 5-3 win over Brisbane Strikers. We were playing away and we were the underdogs; pundits were expecting us to get thrashed. We came on to the pitch and absolutely blew them apart, silencing the crowd. It was an amazing feeling!

Best goal you’ve ever scored and why?

I honestly don't score many! The best goal I've ever scored, I think has got to be my debut game winning goal for Cairns FC against Sunshine Coast Fire. It was 1-1 until the 75th minute and I finished between the keepers' legs off a cross into the box. Getting your first goal for a new club a higher level league is always a thrilling experience and one I'll never forget.

What are your hopes for the future?

My future goal is to play at the highest level I can possible play. I have ambitions to play professionally in South East Asia, particularly in Indonesia as this is where my mother is from. I also have coaching ambitions once I retire to coach at the college and professional level.

Thanks ever so much, Nathan. All the best with your football - keep in touch!

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8FMIGuTl2lo_tF3yG7Wjg

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