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Peter Legend is a booming author on the literary stage whose notable works include that of fantasy, sci-fi, horror. He has also written technical manuals and care sector documentation. Peter has started a trilogy and a short story series which he tells me more about below. The short story series (Dark Tales) has two books out now with a third coming in October. The second book on the Strange Wyrld trilogy has a tentative date of April 2019. You can pre-order the subsequent story from the Dark Tales from Amazon and other online retailers.

Hi, Peter. What work have you done so far?

I’ve plotted out Book 2 of the Strange Wyrld Trilogy and am fleshing out the whole story as we speak. It’s odd, but I already have the conclusion of Book 3 under wraps. It’s all done. However, as with all good books, it will probably evolve… a little, before we get there in 2020.

I’m also working on Books 3, 4 and 5 of the Dark Tales series of short stories. The first one: The Jobseeker is out now and is soon to be joined by Book 2: The Boy Who Ran Away on August 24th. Both Tales serve to expand the Gaia canvas. We’ve visited the Cube Continent so far and mentioned the Delta Continent, which is America. Dark Tales Book 3 is entitled The Number-Man and will introduce characters you’ll meet in Strange Wyrld Book 2.

There’s a lot going on and as an independent publisher (Wembley House) too, that involves typesetting, cover design and web development. Social marketing and trailer design too. Phew. It’s a lot but I’m loving every minute of it.

What do you think your readers gain / will gain from your work?

Satisfaction. Chills, spills, thrills. I want them to be both eager and afraid to turn the page; to have a mind-bending trip to another place and see through new eyes. Illumination, optimism, hope, amazement and the kind of joy only experienced when reading a good book.

What do you do apart from writing?

I eat, drink, sleep. Occasionally watch some television and play board games in my mind.

Seriously, apart from being an editor, publisher, web-developer, technical writer and author, I provide a consultancy service for business-people who want to start up a new care-related business. It’s not as much fun as writing, but it pays the bills.

What’s your favourite place to write?

I work from a house in Wembley, hence Wembley House. It’s not just a name, I live the experience every day.

My ideal place to write would be the attic room, but my daughter has occupied that space, so I am content with writing in a quiet corner in my bedroom, overlooking the road. If I have my set-up intact, it doesn’t matter where I am.

I’m writing all the time. If I’m out somewhere and I get an idea, I stop and scribble it down in my notebook. I sleep at night with a notebook to jot down vivid sequences I’ve just lived in the latest blockbuster dream. If I forget my notebook, I’m on my smartphone typing away.

Why does the name of your novels have the name ‘Wyrld’ and not the phonetical ‘World?’

I like to be different, to stand out from the crowd. And believe me, the literary landscape is a crowded minefield. And the best bit is I would have it no other way. There are so many fantastic books coming out almost every month. People are finally getting in tune with their inner-child, their creativity. We’re living in a literary revolution. It’s great to be a part of it.

I like Wyrld over World. It has an ancient Nordic feel to it and complements my use of Midgard for the middle kingdom in the Cube Continent. Again, just like Vaudin the Wyrld-King is inspired in a way by Odin. Norse mythology inspires us all in so many ways, and I fondly remember reading books on Odin and Thor, Sleipnir, Baldur and Loki. Besides, world is overused and boring.

I definitely prefer a Strange Wyrld.

What are you hoping to achieve in the coming weeks, months and years?

Lots of writing. A strong readership and fan-base. Getting signed-up by a big-name publisher. Seriously.

When I started writing and world-building, I did it to relax and chill. As a kid I used to play with action figures, where only I could see the world that I’d developed. I guess onlookers thought I was crazy (and many still do), but that creativity transferred into writing short stories, and now into writing novels. I started off writing for myself and still do.

However, it would be nice to engage readers and receive their feedback/reviews if only to see how the books are being received.

Could you tell me a little about the trilogy you’re writing?

The Strange Wyrld Trilogy is something I’ve been plotting and planning since way back in 1997, when I invented Gideon Voltaire and lay down the framework for ‘An Adventure Like No Other’. That’s what it was called back then. It’s grown a lot since then, new characters have grown out of old ones and I’m glad I’ve finally found the time and energy to share it.

The first part, The Elemental, is available now at all good online retailers. It introduces readers to Gaia, a wyrld where science and magic have found a way to integrate, to live together. Without giving away too much, the story revolves around Perri Silo, a princess who would rather be a professional fighter. She’s a rebel who enjoys the luxuries of being royalty but not the duties that go along with the role. Her adopted parents don’t like her attitude and its only when she meets up with African-American Time-travelling Wizard Gideon Voltaire, that her life starts to fall apart.

Silo discovers things about her past that rattle her until she reaches a point of no-return. From there onwards, it’s a non-stop high-paced adventure that takes Silo all over the place to find and save the only man who can make sense of her life, as well as help save the wyrld from a major catastrophe.

The story is set to continue in Book 2, which will not only evolve Silo, Voltaire and the others from Book 1, but will introduce new people, new environments and amp up the challenges they face. Some things will shock you, others might make you cry, but most of all, it will leave you wondering what’s left for Book 3. The answer is: plenty.

Thank you, Peter! The second novel from the Dark Tales From The Strange Wyrld series: The Boy Who Ran Away was released just a few days ago, and is available to order from Amazon and other online retailers. The 3rd Dark Tale is due for release in October 2018, and continues to expand the Strange Wyrld in new directions. Entitled: The Number-Man, the cover reveal will take place next month.

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Legend's subsequent novel is out now!

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